The Baptistery
The Baptistery

We are always delighted to welcome new members into the household of God – the Parish family here at Christ Church St. Lucia.

To seek Baptism for either yourself or for your child you are expressing a desire to belong to the community of God’s people.

Baptism is usually carried out in the context of the Sunday morning Eucharist so that the Parish family can welcome the newcomer into the faith and life of the Parish.
Prior to Baptism you will need to organise godparents and/or sponsors. Godparents of children have a great responsibility; they must have been baptised themselves and during the service they profess their own faith and make a promise that the child will be brought up as a Christian and that they will share their faith with the child and support that child in theirĀ faith journey.

For Baptism of infants, children or adults please contact the Parish Office (3870 8887) to arrange an appointment with the Rector.