Situated on the west wall of the church, the pipe organ at Christ Church was built in 1969 by Hill, Norman & Beard (Melbourne).  In 1993/4 the organ was rebuilt, enlarged and relocated with new case work to the east end of the church by Pierce Pipe Organs of Brisbane.  Click here to read a full history of the pipe organ at Christ Church.

organ case 789x456

NEW ORGAN 2017 (Allen)

In February 2017, the Parish Council approved the purchase of a new 3 manual, 62 stop Allen Digital Organ which is scheduled for installation by All Organs Australia in August 2017. 

By late 2016 it was obvious that the 1969/1994 pipe organ required major refurbishment.  Simple refurbishment however, would not overcome the severe restrictions the instruments’ tonal limitations placed upon our music programme.

After carefully considering all the options, and also taking into account, musical requirements, financial prudence, and the challenge of finding enough space to house an adequately sized pipe organ at Christ Church; the decision was made to purchase a digital organ.

The Organ Appeal was launched on Sunday 19 March 2017.  Please click on the following links to download the Organ Appeal Brochure and Information on the Parish Organ (including the specification).

All donations to this project (using the Organ Appeal Brochure) will be gratefully received.

To the full-voic’d quire below,
In service high, and anthems clear,
As may with sweetness, through mine ear,
Dissolve me into ecstasies,
And bring all Heav’n before mine eyes.

JOHN MILTON  Il Penseroso

Notable organs in St Lucia at the University of Queensland are located at:

St John’s College (Tickell, 2011) and The James and Mary Emelia Mayne Centre (Pogson, 1976).